Richard Lee - Music Director
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Charlie Chaplin: The Gold Rush

Charlie Chaplin: The Gold Rush

Jan 26

7:30 PM

At UT Tyler
Cowan Center

Richard Lee

The “Little Tramp” persona was not-at-all like the real Sir Charles Chaplin, the polished and accomplished actor, writer, director, composer, star, and producer for most of his movies. During his long career, Chaplin utilized the “slapstick” comedy most readily associated with this character in order to tackle “serious” subject matter. In The Gold Rush, Chaplin’s personal favorite, follow the Tramp as he seeks his fortune in the lawless Klondike, with live soundtrack provided by the ETSO.

The Gold Rush © Roy Export S.A.S Music for The Gold Rush Copyright © Roy Export Company Ltd. and Bourne Co. All rights reserved.